Over the past 55 years, Counterpart has implemented some 75 health-focused and integrated health programs, spanning Africa, the South Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, South and Central Asia, the Middle East, and the Former Soviet Union.


Counterpart works with individuals, organizations, communities, and networks to develop assets, relationships, and structures where all people are included. We help communities identify and map complex challenges; develop durable social partnerships; implement innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions; and generate lasting impact.

Long before it became the gold standard in development practice, Counterpart’s central approach to program implementation focused on building the capacity of local partners and organizations to ensure sustainability, while fostering inclusive and participatory approaches to development. Partnering with local health non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, public and private health care professionals, ministries of health, and numerous other local stakeholders, Counterpart ensures transparent and participatory program design, implementation, and decision-making.


Together with our local partners, we are improving health and nutrition, expanding access to education, strengthening climate resiliency, enhancing people’s livelihoods, and ensuring communities are governed more inclusively. In each project, we track our goals, monitor the progress, and evaluate impact.



Citizens around the world who are working to improve their lives.

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Working alongside local partners to address challenges and opportunities.



In more than 20 countries around the world.



By developing leaders, strengthening organizations and building networks.