October 2018

Advocating for Inclusive Implementation of Morocco’s New Gender-based Violence Law

Counterpart and our partners in Morocco are advocating for an inclusive and comprehensive implementation of a new law protecting victims of gender-based violence in Morocco.

October 2018

Reform for Fair Taxation of Non-Governmental Organizations in Morocco

Although civil society organizations (CSOs) have been actively participating in Morocco since the 1960s, they currently do not have a distinct tax classification and are […]

October 2018

A Gendered Approach to Positive Girl and Boy Development: Key Outcomes and Recommendations of the 2018 Gender 360 Summit

The Gender 360 Summit 2018 Recommendations reflect the collective wisdom of over 75 different speakers, as well as hundreds of knowledgeable participants. The Summit itself […]

September 2018

2017 Annual Report

Counterpart has always been about bringing unlikely partners together. From our inception, when a priest and a movie star came together to make the world […]

September 2018

Observatory of disinformation and propaganda in Latin America

This study analyzed relational data of the communities associated with topics trending during May 2018 on Twitter Venezuela. For the study, data from 31 trending […]

August 2018

The Open Government Partnership & Counterpart International

The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global multi-stakeholder initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from national governments to promote transparency, empower civil society, […]

August 2018

Empowering Youth in Peacebuilding

With over half the global population under 30, youth wield immense capacity to shape the future of their communities. At Counterpart International, our programs unlock this […]

July 2018

Measuring the Contribution of CLA to Organizational & Development Outcomes: What have we learned?

In 2016, USAID’s Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL), together with the Bureau for Economic Growth, Education, and Environment’s localworks program,  launched a Learning Network focused […]

August 2017

Findings and Recommendations for an Expanded Capacity Building Program

Paso del Norte Health Foundation (PdNHF) leads, funds, promotes and leverages opportunities to assure that all people in its service region achieve good health. This […]

March 2017

Disability Inclusion Monitoring Report in Timor Leste

How accessible and inclusive are elections for people with disabilities in Timor-Leste?