We believe in the right and ability of people to drive their own destinies and maintain that the best solutions come from inside a community, not from outside.

Local leadership is at the center of every solution. Equipping individuals with the confidence and skills they need to be leaders in their communities furthers local ownership of development and instills problem solving capabilities that become embedded in the fabric of a community.

We are particularly focused on developing emerging leaders from communities that have traditionally been marginalized: women, youth, indigenous peoples, members of the LGBTQ community, and people with disabilities. Their talent and energy is needed if any country is to reach its full economic potential while also providing for the social good.

Related Impacts

2018 — 2021

Local and Regional Food Aid Procurement Project in Senegal

CHALLENGE In Senegal, the agricultural sector employs approximately 70% of the working population, yet in 2017 its contribution to total GDP was just over 16%. …

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2018 — 2022

McGovern-Dole International Food for Education and Child Nutrition Project in Senegal

   CHALLENGE A large portion of Senegalese citizens rely on agriculture and pastoralism for their livelihood. Unfortunately, a persistent drought in 2017 severely impacted crop …

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Innovation for Change

Challenge Innovation for Change (I4C) was established as a response to widespread and worsening trends affecting civil society, including increasing restrictions on civic space and …

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Dominican Republic Coastal Community Resiliency Program/

We help youth and organizations develop community-led strategies that protect their local ecosystems.

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Congo Demokrasia in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Counterpart is supporting and strengthening civil society organizations who are working to increase voter participation and peaceful civic engagement.

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Fisheries and Marine Conservation in the Dominican Republic

High unemployment and underemployment are serious challenges in the Dominican Republic.

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Together with our local partners, we are improving health and nutrition, expanding access to education, strengthening climate resiliency, enhancing people’s livelihoods, and ensuring communities are governed more inclusively. In each project, we track our goals, monitor the progress, and evaluate impact.



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