In early December 2020, the Government of Afghanistan and the Taliban agreed upon guiding terms for upcoming intra-Afghan peace negotiations. While US-Taliban negotiations have reached a precarious agreement, intra-Afghan peace talks are much more important for the safety and security of Afghanistan. Without resolving the underlying tensions within the state’s often combative actors, Afghanistan will continue to see resurgences of violence, intolerance, and authoritative governance. 

It is vital to achieve an intra-Afghan peace settlement that goes beyond conflict reduction and focuses on addressing tangible, domestic grievances to end intrastate conflict. While many international governments and organizations are working to support the peace talks themselves, NGOs working through donor funding should ensure that marginalized voices and actions are amplified to affect change.  

Rebecca Giovannozzi speaks with Hasina Rasuli, former Senior Advisor to the High Peace Council in Afghanistan on behalf of the Afghanistan Peace Support Initiative, funded by the European Institute of Peace.

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