It's About Local Partners Achieving Their Goals

Counterpart offers tools, resources and trainings to support organizations in achieving their goals. This kind of capacity building isn’t prescribed, it’s not cookie cutter and it’s not designed to take years of effort. It’s about being honest, building trust, identifying priorities and committing to action.

Building a New Future

We have become witness, over and over again, to citizens and organizations in some of poorest, most remote regions of the world, imagining a different future. Then, we help them accelerate their efforts to build that future.

Counterpart has also helped build the capacity of government agencies to be more accountable to citizens and to work in partnership to improve people’s lives. Only by taking a systems approach, working with civil society, government and the private sector, will development aims be met and sustained.

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May 2022

Using Data to Combat Violent Extremism

Using Data to Combat Violent Extremism Niger is a large, landlocked country located in the Sahel region, nestled in a key geostrategic location between the …

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April 2022

Promoting Biodiversity and Climate Resiliency through Partnership with the Community

Stewardship of its rich natural resources is central to the future of the Dominican Republic, both to protect its biodiversity and to ensure economic growth. …

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October 2020

Adapting and Sustaining Local Organizations During COVID-19

COVID-19 has triggered global public health and economic emergencies. The effect of this crisis in developing nations is disproportionate and is worsened by weak health …

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April 2020

Tinamit Tolimán Integral: Creating Local Supply Chains of Specialty Coffee in Guatemala

Tinamit Tolimán Integral is one of many agricultural cooperatives participating in the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food for Progress (FFP) 2016 program, implemented …

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November 2019

The Capacity Dividend: The Importance and Value of Capacity Development

When done effectively, investments in local capacity development at the individual, organizational, and institutional levels lead to outsized returns in advancing democracy, prosperity, and stability. …

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October 2019

The Top 5 Reasons Donors Still Give for not Funding Local Organizations Directly

As Counterpart’s Social Sector Accelerator prepares to present at the Central America Donors Forum annual conference, we reviewed global giving trends, with a particular focus …

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