RFQ Number:PAR_BPA_2019_005
Issuance Date: 29 May 2019
Deadline for Offers: 15 June 2019 by 17:00 (Local Time)
Description: Suppliers for the Provision of IT Accessories in Dhaka, Bangladesh
For: Bangladesh Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR)
Funded By: United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Cooperative Agreement No. AID-720-388-18-CA-00003
Implemented By: Counterpart International Inc.
Number of anticipated awards: Multiple

The Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR) Project is a USAID program implemented by Counterpart International in Bangladesh. The goal of the Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR) is to Counterpart International, a leading international development organization is currently implementing the five-year USAID-funded program in Bangladesh “Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR)”. The program will support the creation of a more inclusive, resilient, and evidence-driven Bangladeshi civil society. The project’s goal is to provide civil society with the skills, technology, financial resources, and connections to global networks that will enable it to work in partnership with the Government of Bangladesh (GOB) to advance good governance.

As part of the approved project activities, Counterpart intends to identify one or more supplier for IT Accessories in Dhaka, Bangladesh. These accessories will be as-needed, ad hoc purchases of IT Accessories that are needed to conduct future PAR activities in order to achieve its organizational goals and objectives.

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