The Promoting and Advocacy Rights (PAR) is a five-year initiative that aims to strengthen the enabling environment for sustained civil society institutions advancing democratic governance and citizen participation in Bangladesh. The project will contribute to a more inclusive, resilient, and evidence-driven Bangladeshi civil society. There are five key objectives of the PAR project: 1). Increase Civil Society (CS) engagement in good governance issues; 2). Improve CS ability to monitor and raise awareness of policy issues; 3). Enhance CS capacity to operate effectively; 4). Enhance CS networks advocating for policy reforms and 5). Improve CS government platforms for dialogue. 

Accurate statistics about individuals with drug addiction are hard to find in Bangladesh. Estimates place the number of addicts as high as 7.5 million or as low as 2.5 million people, and of them about 80 percent youth between 15 to 30 years. Drug abuse leads to chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences, and long-lasting changes to the brain. Drug addiction has become a social problem in Bangladesh, serving as a contributing factor to many social and criminal offences. To arrest the process of further aggravation of drug abuse concerted efforts are needed. These efforts include the government, family, civil society organizations, NGOs, CBOs, media, and other concerned citizens and institutions especially educational institutions. 

Counterpart International (CPI) Bangladesh invites interested CSOs to submit Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the opportunity to apply to receive limited grants for the Promoting Advocacy and Rights (PAR) Support for Civil Society (CS) Initiatives through Advocacy and Networking to complement Government of Bangladesh efforts to combat drug abuse and its adverse social and economic consequences through effective social mobilization. Counterpart is currently evaluating the possibility of engaging local partners who have the management and technical capacity, including innovative social mobilization strategies to provide high quality service delivery with regards to this program. 

This call for Expressions of Interest is intended to lead to a pre-qualification of suitable prospective grant recipients who may be invited to submit full applications for civil society advocacy and networking initiatives to combat drug abuse and its consequences. CPI anticipates awarding one (1) grant with an anticipated implementation of up to two (2) years and estimated value of the grant will be up to BDT. 16,800,000 (sixteen million eight hundred thousand). 

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