Burundian youth leaders
February 2016
Burundian Youth Leaders’ Fight for Peace: Part 1

Imagine you’re a teenager in Burundi, a landlocked little country in Central Africa and one of the world’s poorest nations. In Burundi, more than 80 percent of citizens live in poverty, and around you, people are in trouble. Peers from your school have been swept up in the political violence that has plagued the country […]

Climate marchers in Paris, France for COP21
December 2015
COP21: “Never Give Up”

During a weekend of spring-like weather in December, I’m thinking about Christiana Figueres as she’s making her way home from COP21, the UN climate conference where the historic Paris Agreement was just achieved. Christiana has been the executive secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change since July 2010, a year after the convention’s […]

Photo by laurent / Flickr.com
December 2015
Counterpart Helps Present Climate Resiliency Plan at COP21

Tonight, leaders from more than 190 countries will be heading home from COP21, a United Nations convention on climate change. For two weeks, global leaders have discussed the world’s most cutting-edge approaches for managing global warming, including a national framework on blue carbon drafted by Counterpart International and the National Council for Climate Change and […]

August 2015
Threats to Civic Space

President and CEO Joan Parker and Senior Innovation Advisor Alex Sardar discuss the 2015 CIVICUS State of Civil Society Report, the threats civil society faces across the world and the impact on Counterpart’s work.



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