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15Jun, 2017

Moving the Sharing Economy Forward

Buenos Aires, Argentina — The sharing economy has changed how many people lend, buy and share goods and services around the world. From AirB&B, to Etsy and Lyft, there are lessons to be learned, both […]

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19Jan, 2017

Leaders from Government, Private and Public Sector Gather to Address Preservation of Mangroves

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- On January 19, representatives from the Dominican National Council on Climate Change, the Dominican National Ministry of Environment and National Resources, the environmental NGO community and members of ECORED business alliance […]

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16Jan, 2017

First-of-its-kind Civil Society and Local Government Conference in Morocco

Civil society, local government, and representatives from parliament came together for the first time to discuss advocacy on public policies, and ways for these groups to work together in a more inclusive, impactful way.

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19Dec, 2016

Counterpart Board of Directors Welcomes Two New Members

Arlington, VA – Counterpart International recently elected two new experts to their Board of Directors: Steve Milovich and Roldan Trujillo. Both of the new Board Members brings with them decades of experience in global business, organizational […]

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Teresa Crawford

Executive Director, Social Sector Accelerator

Teresa leads the Social Sector Accelerator, a subsidiary of the Counterpart Network. The Accelerator takes Counterpart International’s proven capacity building approach even farther by acting as an incubator for social sector organizations worldwide.

“The impact of the social sector is often underestimated and as a result, organizations with enormous potential are under-supported. These groups are integral to achieving social good and by growing their capacity to meet new challenges, we can accelerate their ability to achieve their missions.”


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participants on topics including health and nutrition, civic engagement and natural resource management.



Partnership between the Government and Civil Society Strengthens the Future of Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste is a nation in transition. Having gained independence only 15 years ago, Timor-Leste’s democracy has taken hold despite political instability, a weak economy and a fledgling justice system. Nearly 80% […]

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Sharing Climate Solutions Globally Strengthens Coastal Communities

Beaches with powdery white sand and crystal clear water … rich mangrove forests and vibrant coral reefs…  all of this stunning beauty was the perfect backdrop for the 11th Annual International Convention on the Environment […]

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Changing the World & Challenging the Status Quo: The LAC Hub

Yesterday, 100,000 people across five cities in Chile recycled from the comfort of their couch. They arranged everything from the time of the pickup to the types of material taken – simply by tapping on […]

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The Future of Latin America: Can the Sharing Economy Spark Inclusion?

Young entrepreneurs and civil society activists crowded into a small conference room in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, in early June. With them they brought the hope that their technical know-how can build a more just and […]

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