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Responsive Governance Project in Yemen

Project Profile

Region: Near East

Country: Yemen

Areas of Focus: Effective Governance and Institutions

Cross-Cutting Themes: Capacity Building

Capabilities: Civil Society and Good Governance, Institutional Development, Advocacy,

Dates of the project: 2010-2015

The situational context in Yemen is fluid and requires an assistance strategy that supports local leaders and organizations engaged in a peaceful democratic transition. The country’s challenges are vast and the most tangible flicker of opportunity in Yemen now is the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) ratified transition which hinges on an immediate and purportedly inclusive National Dialogue process and reform of the Constitution.

What  We Do
The Yemen Responsive Governance Project (RGP) is a USAID-funded project designed to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations and increase citizen participation during Yemen’s political transition and work with individual ministries to plan and improve their capacity to better respond to public needs during and after the transition period and National Dialogue process.


  • Assisted in crafting Yemen's newly adopted open-government law and assisting civil society organizations to advocate on behalf of the legislation. Read more here >
  • Used a mass-media outreach campaign during the protest movement to help 500,000 primary and secondary school students take national exams
  • Trained nearly 500 government employees and civil society representatives on corruption, civil society engagement, and financial management, national policy formulation and accountability. Read more here >
  • Organized the two-day National Women’s Conference, which brought together more than 900 activists, civic leaders and high-ranking officials to advance a cohesive women’s platform for Yemen’s Transitional Coalition Government. Read more here >
  • Partnering with Sana’a University in offering training coursework to 100 NGOs; the University of Aden will offer a similar curriculum to 20 regional NGOs
  • Galvanized civil society to develop an advocacy campaign that won the support of key government officials for the passing of the Access to Information law, considered to be one of the best in the Middle East
  • VIDEO: Maternal Health in Yemen
  • VIDEO: Empowering Women in Yemen

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