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Humanitarian Assistance


Counterpart International's Humanitarian Assistance Program has mobilized both communities and diverse donor resources to help the world’s most vulnerable populations: children, orphans, the poor, the elderly, the disabled, refugees from war and victims of disasters. Counterpart provides a bridge between immediate, basic needs and long-term development. Ensuring that people have homes and food may only be the first step in developing a prospering society, but it is an essential one in helping communities help themselves long after the foreign aid withdraws.                  

Since 1992, Counterpart has acquired, delivered and tracked nearly $1 billion worth of humanitarian aid to 61 countries. Counterpart has shipped over 7,500 containers worldwide, relying on its network of over 80 dedicated public and private donors to supply a variety of humanitarian assistance to its projects overseas.

Through a range of programs Counterpart implements:

Counterpart also provides humanitarian assistance through the following funding mechanisms:







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Our capabilities within Humanitarian Assistance:

Defined: Commodities

Physical items collected and delivered to populations in need. Commodities can include everything from food items to medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to bedding sets and mattresses, among other things.


Since 1994, Counterpart's proprietary database, CHAPBASE, has revolutionized the way we manage our humanitarian assistance activities. Learn more about CHAPBASE.