Where We Work

Effective Governance and Institutions

We work with local partners to create the institutional infrastructure for a thriving civil society and transparent, participatory governance.

Many governments around the world are unable or unwilling to be responsive to citizens’ needs and transparent in their decision making.  In the absence of effective governance, communities need to develop the ability to build consensus, advocate for their own interests, or partner with government and the private sector to pursue these interests.  

Breakdowns in governance and the lack of effective civic institutions can lead to broader failures, creating the conditions for corruption, violence, hunger and poverty.  Delivery of fair and equitable citizen services requires both government  responsivenessand accountability, as well as motivated civil society organizations with the know-how to mobilize citizens and effectively engage with government to promote and sustain progress.

What Counterpart International is Doing:

Counterpart's effective governance and institutions programming works at the institutional and community levels to:

  • amplify the voices of citizens and communities calling for development;
  • strengthen civil society organizations to sustainably serve community needs;
  • promote partnership and mutual investment in community development among NGOs, business and government;
  • build capacity of CSOs for civic engagement and advocacy for government responsiveness and policy reform;
  • help governments create the mechanisms to engage citizens in decision making; and
  • strengthen government and CSO capacity to collaboratively fight corruption.

Since 1994, Counterpart has managed a portfolio of at least $324 million in civil society and governance programs around the world. 

The Nexus Between Public, Private & Citizen Interests

Our capabilities within Effective Governance and Institutions:

Defined: Civil Society

A thriving, participatory civil society is one that promotes voluntary action and values the individual, pluralism, civic consciousness and a creative alliance among nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), government and business to address community needs.

Contracting Vehicles

Global Civil Society Strengthening Leader with Associates (GCSS LWA)
In 2009, Counterpart received the USAID-funded GCSS LWA award, leading a consortium of world class organizations in the implementation of civil society, media development, and program design and learning activities.
Learn more about Counterpart's LWA Award.


  • Listen to “In Peace”

    a song produced by Counterpart’s PEACE project in Chad. Featuring the voices of ten local Chadian artists, “In Peace” hopes to use local popular culture to manage and mitigate election-related conflict. The use of song makes it possible to reach the rural and illiterate population of Chad with messages about peaceful elections and the power of the youth vote.

  • Listen to the story of Bunivoni Navovar:

    how Counterpart helped empower Tajik women who were being barred from the local workforce, and changed a community in the process. Counterpart International’s Senior Vice President, Arlene Lear, recalls a story rooted in the organization’s first forays into NGO development work in Tajikistan, just after the Soviet Union dissolved.