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Crafting a Future for Guatemalan Artisans


In one of the poorest areas of Guatemala, most of the women who make handicrafts here have never left their communities. They use the natural resources of their villages -- pine needles and palm fronds, for example -- to create the same beautiful and functional products that their grandmothers did.

They used to sell these hand-made crafts, such as intricately woven traditional shirts called huipils and little dolls with smiling thread mouths, on the roadside.

But this year, their crafts, and a few of the women who helped make them, are going a lot farther. Past the Guatemalan tourist town of Antigua and some 3,000 miles away to one of the trend capitals of the world: New York City.

"They love the idea and just to think that their stuff is going to New York. It's like ‘whoa.’ They can't believe it," says Siggy Bataille Holbik, the owner of craft shop Casa de los Gigantes in Antigua, Guatemala. Continue reading >


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