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Mauritania: Hope amidst hunger


Mauritania -- a country plagued by drought and food crises -- is now facing its worst water shortage in 15 years. Counterpart began its work in Mauritania in 2006, and it's truly making a difference. We work to help rural communities thrive, thanks to health and sanitation education programs, stocked and functioning cereal banks, small grants to community cooperatives and improved livestock health.

We'll post one story a day this week, sharing our ongoing work in Mauritania.

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Defined: Malnutrition vs. Undernutrition

Malnutrition: Poor nutrition, either from two much or too little food, or the improper balance of nutrients.

Undernutrition: The outcome of insufficient food intake, inadequate care and infectious diseases. It includes being underweight for one’s age, too short for one’s age (stunting), dangerously thin for one’s height (wasting), and deficient in vitamin and minerals (micronutrient deficiencies).