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Maternal health in Yemen



Midwife Samira Qaed recalls a woman who came to her village clinic in Yemen at the end of pregnancy. Like many Yemenis, she had gone into labor never having had a checkup.

The woman’s placenta was positioned badly, and she was bleeding severely and unable to move. “The distance, searching for a car, absence of her husband, not being prepared for this—all complicated her case,” Qaed says. “It was a miracle that we saved this mother’s life. We immediately took her to the hospital. Thanks to Allah, she underwent a Caesarean operation and she was fine.”

Qaed and other midwives are on the front lines of the fight in Yemen to save women and their babies, and she says the biggest obstacle to good maternal health is getting patients to see a midwife. “She [the midwife] is the one saving the mother and the baby,” Qaed says. Read more >