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Citizen Voices Matter

This week, masses of Romanian citizens took to the streets to protest the roll-back of laws punishing corrupt politicians. As a result, the Government cancelled the planned changes. Last week, I was in Guatemala City, meeting with both government and civil society representatives working on the Open Government Partnership (known as “OGP”), an effort which […]

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“Street Citizens” Partner with Local Government to Build a Better Fez

After turning down a maze of nondescript beige-colored alleys, the colorful murals on Citoyens des Rues’ walls shone like a beacon. Children played ball outside, and Ali Lagsab, President of the Citoyens des Rues Association, rushed out with a smile to greet us.

Ali grew up in the district of Jnan El Ward, an impoverished neighborhood […]

  • Gabriela Castellanos, Executive Director of the Honduran National Anti-Corruption Council, being interviewed

Transparent Organizations, Transparent Government

“Honduran society is tired of speeches about corruption while not one corrupt politician is paying for their actions in prison,” explained Gabriela Castellanos, the Executive Director of Consejo Nacional Anticorrupción (CNA or the Honduran National Anti-Corruption Council) in a recent interview.

Founded in 2001, the CNA long had a reputation in Honduras as a powerless organization, co-opted […]

Partnership Opportunities Corporations and Foundations

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Partnership Opportunities

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Counterpart believes lasting results can only be achieved through partnership and collaboration. Strong partnerships with organizations at the local level are essential to our work. Please tell us about your organization to help us identify partnership opportunities.

Call for Proposals to Support Civic Activism in Mozambique

Annual Program Statement Announcement
Counterpart International’s PARCERIA CIVICA PARA BOA GOVERNAÇÃO (PCBG) Program
Para aceder a Declaração Anual do Programa que contem a informação pormenorizada sobre a elegibilidade e os procedimentos de candidatura em português, clique aqui.

The program Parceria Civica para Boa Governação (PCBG) implemented by Counterpart International (CPI), with funds from the US Agency for International […]

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Feeding the Body and the Mind

Every day, in Senegal, once lush farmland is slowly eroding as the desert grows to meet it. Increasingly scarce farmland and dwindling crop yields are devastating to a country where three-quarters of its people are subsistence farmers. And children are some of the first to feel the effects.

Currently, more than 1 in 4 Senegalese children […]

Framework for Cooperation Conference 2016

Over 400 civil society, media and government representatives from all 34 provinces of Afghanistan gathered in Kabul December 14-15 for the Framework for Cooperation Conference 2016. The two-day conference, facilitated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP), was an opportunity to discuss current engagement among civil society, media and […]

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New Voices: The Engagement of Young Timorese in the Political Process

  The “New Voices” research project investigated the political attitudes and opinions of new voters in Timor-Leste aged 17 – 20 years, in the lead-up to 2016 and 2017 elections. These national and suku (local) elections are the first time in which “independence babies” – those born after the 1999 popular referendum for Timorese independence – […]

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What the U.S. Election Means for Me and Counterpart

Ah, the American election. For those of us who work around the world for inclusion of all, especially women and minorities, we are taking stock of what we have learned from the last week, and how we can put our principles into action in the coming weeks and months. And we are taking a big […]